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Advent Calendar 2022 (Pre-Order)


Introducing my Limited Edition Advent Calendar 2022!

What better way to countdown Christmas than excitedly opening a little numbered door each day, and finding a special hand made chocolate just for you.

The calendar is filled with 24 chocolates of pure indulgence! There are 12 delicious flavours to enjoy and each one I have hand made from scratch, using the best quality, natural ingredients.

The Chocolates

Vanilla, Hazelnut, Muscovado Caramel & Caramelised Cocoa Nibs
A silky vanilla ganache with hazelnut gianduja, muscovado caramel, and caramelised cocoa nibs.

Almond Rocher
Roasted caramelised almonds covered in milk chocolate

Earl Grey, Orange & Shortbread
Orange and vanilla caramel, earl grey ganache, and crunchy shortbread, encased in milk and dark chocolate.

Raspberry & White Chocolate
Raspberry white chocolate with a raspberry gel, vanilla ganache, and crispy tangy raspberry pieces.

Pure peanut praline with crushed peanuts and a layer of sea salt caramel

Milk chocolate crunchy coconut praline

Orange & Piemonte Hazelnut
Crispy Piemonte hazelnut praline with a fresh orange salted caramel

Juicy blackcurrant compote with a fruity blackcurrant chocolate ganache.

Pecan & Maple
Crunchy caramelised pecan praline with pure maple syrup and caramelised white chocolate

Salted Caramel Mou
Soft, silky sea salted caramel encased in dark chocolate

Black Sesame
Black sesame praline

Pistachio Rocher
Roasted and caramelised crunchy pistachios covered in milk chocolate. These delicious rochers are made with pistachios that I sourced myself while visiting family in Sicily. The pistachios are found at the foot of Mount Etna in a small town called Bronte, famous for the best pistachios in the world!

Note: All Advent Calendars will be shipped at the end of November to get to you in time for December 1st.


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The packaging is completely plastic free and all materials are either recyclable or biodegradable.

The chocolates are packed into little cases in the compartments behind each door to protect them. As the packaging is made from cardboard, and not plastic, which is a huge value of my company, the chocolates have a little more room to move around in during transit.

Product Delivery

All orders will be shipped with first class delivery.

Note – All Advent Calendars will be shipped at the end of November to get to you in time for December 1st.


Nuts, Tree nuts, Peanuts, Sesame, Milk, Soya, Gluten.
May contain traces of other nuts and made in a kitchen that handles eggs and use of ingredients containing sulphites.

This advent calendar is not suitable for anyone with these allergies.

No artificial ingredients, flavourings, colourings or preservatives are used.

For more allergen information please contact me directly via my website.

3 reviews for Advent Calendar 2022 (Pre-Order)

  1. Lyn (verified owner)

    Loved all of these, from the deliciously tart blackcurrant to the soft white chocolate and raspberry. The sesame is genius, and almost anything with nuts suits me. But the entirety is very special. All complex and nothing out of balance

  2. Rosheen Young (verified owner)

    Wish I’d bought two!

  3. Robin hughes


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