Entertainment Weekly – How ‘Pure Imagination’ became Wonka’s guiding light
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Director Paul King, producer David Heyman, and chocolatier Gabriella Cugno explain how they took their cues from a Willy Wonka staple.

The name Willy Wonka instantly conjures up whimsical visions of edible teacups, a stout child drowning in a chocolate river, orange Oompa Loompas dancing over said child’s misery, and, of course, the zany chocolatier behind it all. For the filmmakers of Warner Bros.’ big movie musical Wonka, a prequel tale to the original 1971 movie classic, the name also evokes a particular song. You already know the one.

“Pure Imagination” maintains a firm presence in the film, opening in theaters Dec. 15. Not only does star Timothée Chalamet perform his own rendition of this power ballad for dreamers as a younger version of Roald Dahl’s storybook candy man, but excerpts of the number are sprinkled throughout the entire film. Even the story itself feels like a reflection of those lyrics first performed on screen by cinema’s original Wonka, Gene Wilder.