The Guardian – Countdown to Christmas one Chocolate Treat at a Time
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Countdown to Christmas one chocolate treat at a time.

Open a new door for a new taste sensation every day in Advent with one of these calendars.

Imagine how hard it is to pre-test Advent calendars, forcing yourself to open each window, well before the actual date. It feels wrong, triggering long-buried superstitious genes. But that’s before I came up against Gabriella Cugno’s Advent calendar, £55, which made the whole process… easy. Regular readers may remember her Easter eggs to end all Easter eggs and her bars in general, which sell out the moment they go on general release. Readers end up hating me for this and this is going to be no different. I’m sorry. But! I did strongarm Cugno into holding back half the release until after this column has appeared, so if you’re fast you can still get one.

This year is Cugno’s first foray into Advent calendars and hers is fairly simple to look at and entirely made of paper. But behind each window (and there are 24) is a little piece of perfection: a chocolate such as you’d get in a chocolate box or as a delicious chocolate thing at the end of a fine meal.